High quality plastic air impeller for milking machine

High Quality Milking Machine Plastic Pneumatic Pulsator Quick Details:- Item: milking machine pneumatic pulsator - Model: L02- Model No.: HL-P04 - Type: Interpulse milking machine pulsator- Driving force: pneumatic pulsator- Lid material: plastic material- Cover color: dark blue- Port / Exit: 2 plas

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High Quality Milking Machine Plastic Pneumatic Pulsator 

Quick Details:
- Item: milking machine pneumatic pulsator 
- Model: L02
- Model No.: HL-P04 
- Type: Interpulse milking machine pulsator
- Driving force: pneumatic pulsator
- Lid material: plastic material
- Cover color: dark blue
- Port / Exit: 2 plastic ports
- Be used for single buckets cow, cattle, sheep or goats milking machine
Milking machine pulsator, like milking machine is the key to the dairy farm equipment, is the essential part of Milking System & Milking Machine, it is the core component for the milking machine. According the different driving force, the milking machine pulsator could be divided into 2 types, Pneumatic Milk Pulsator and Electric Milk Pulsator. The milking pulsators have an adjustable pulsation rate to fit different animals and individual parlour vacuum conditions. It is manufactured by long lasting materials and has functions without electricity.
The Importance of Milking Machine Pulsator:
- Milk pulsator performance good or bad, directly affects the performance of the milking machine.
- Milking machine pulsator has a close connection with cow's physical health and milk production.
- The economic benefits of dairy farms also depends on the pulsator performance.




L02 milking pulsator


pneumatic milking pulsator

Pulsation Rate


Pulsation Ratio



2 plastic ports



dark blue






By Sea, By Train, By Air, By DHL / Fedex etc.

- Pneumatic milk pulsators are economical and more cheaper, because they do not use electricity. They are mostly used in remote locations.
- Electronic pulsators use 12V/24 V and utilize a controller transformer, they are more preciser and easy to maintain.
- The milk pulser is available in 2 outlet and 4 outlet, and the outlet tube could be plastic or stainless steel.
- Ratio is also user-selectable, according to individual needs, at 50:50, 60:40.
- Quick and simple maintenance. A complete service can be carried out in a few minutes.
Milking  machine pulsator is the essential part of Milking System & Milking Machine, and it is the core component for the milking machine. Milking machine pulsator is used to control the pulsation rate and pulsation ratio during milking cows, or goats, it is important to control the milking speed. 

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