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2021-11-10 03:44:16 By : Mr. Pincredit Xian

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Mobicon Systems, an expert in container handling machinery, is using high-quality hydraulic hoses to drive new equipment designs to improve the efficiency and reliability of its customers.

Mobicon's straddle carriers are mainly used to handle low-to-medium-volume containers, and are used anywhere from large seaports to breweries, steel bar manufacturers and naval applications.

GATES hydraulic hoses are provided by Hydraulink, a leading hydraulic hose and fittings organization, and provide the quality and uptime required by the different industries that Mobicon services.

"We provide services to a range of customers, from family-owned transportation companies to the U.S. Navy, who will not fail when operating at sea. The machines we provide to the U.S. Navy are considered mission-critical, and the hose fails during operation. May endanger the mission. In order to avoid any failure, the US Navy has designated GATES hoses," said Adam Lucas, operations manager of Mobicon Systems Pty Ltd.

"In other industries, equipment may not be regarded as mission critical, and customers can see the value of using high-quality hydraulic hoses to maximize uptime and performance. The price tag may be higher in the early stage, but they avoid problems in times The costly delays are all returned, and then partly returned," Mr. Lucas said.

"This is why we have been designating GATES hoses through Hydraulink for more than ten years. The product quality, value for money and excellent service are all first-rate," he said.

As a leading provider of hydraulic hoses, accessories and services, and the official supplier of GATES products, Hydraulink has more than 400 service points in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. All service points are dedicated to maximizing uptime and Provide efficient hose replacement services to ensure high-quality products and reliable services.

Mobicon uses hydraulic technology in its machine design, including its flagship model, which uses 16 hydraulic cylinders and four hydraulic wheel motors driven by two independent pumps.

"This unique design combines eight load balancing wheels and a telescopic lift, which allows us to lift containers without wire ropes and ensures that we have the lowest axle load of any container handler in the world," Luca Mr. Si said.

"However, this design requires hoses to be routed consistently over kinematic joints with multiple degrees of freedom. For example, the hydraulic path of the steering system requires oil to pass through a total of 22 flexible joints from the pump to the tank. It’s impossible for hydraulic GATES hoses with high quality and low bending radius."

In addition to Mobicon's strong technical knowledge and skills in the design and manufacture of container handling machines, Mr. Lucas stated that the company focuses on its customers.

"If a customer encounters a problem on site, our employees are ready to give up everything and ensure that their Mobicon equipment resumes normal operation. Hydraulink helps with this in two ways-by providing quality products that can reduce downtime, and ensuring that orders are processed quickly Take action and deliver on time," he said.

"As an operations manager, I personally rarely participate in the daily work of Hydraulink. This is one of the strongest compliments I can give to the supplier. This means that my team has not encountered any problems or issues that need to be reported to me when using Hydraulink. The problem. This means no delayed orders, no missing parts, no wrong invoices, and no warranty issues. This is a good example, no news is good news!"

"As the Mobicon market continues to develop, we are confident in the continued cooperation with Hydraulink and the value it brings to our business and customers."