Lighting Equipment Supplier Lighting Bay Praises Get Pixabiz's Affordable Website Building Service

2022-10-15 07:50:10 By : Ms. Eva Xu

Darwen, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Darwen, England -

Get Pixabiz has announced that Lancashire-based lighting products company Lighting Bay has chosen its platform and website-building services for setting up an online store.

Pixabiz, which is known for its quick, easy, and affordable website development and digital marketing services, built an online store for Lighting Bay. The new store allows Lighting Bay’s customers to browse through its entire inventory, order products online, and find out more about the company. Ismail Ougradar, the owner of Pixabiz is urging other UK businesses to find out more about the company’s entire range of website development services, including its cheap website builder, to get their online portal up and running at an extremely competitive price with a quick turnaround time.

Lighting Bay’s existing parent website is now being promoted via Pixabiz’s network. The Lighting Bay Pixabiz site displays all Lighting Bay products and services with complete branding and promotion to the Pixabiz community. The website has all the details about Lighting Bay’s entire catalog of high-quality and durable lighting products over several categories such as indoor ceiling downlights, wall and ceiling decorative lighting, water, steam, and dust-resistant kitchen and bathroom light fittings, and outdoor wall, garden, path, decking lighting for all weather conditions.

Pixabiz has also added a store for Lighting Bay to the Pixabiz Mall, an online portal with handpicked suppliers providing products in a wide range of categories. The store’s products are promoted to all Pixabiz mall customers via the online marketing company’s vast high-value email and social networks. Get Pixabiz also promotes the new store using techniques such as social promotion, backlinks for SEO, PPC promotion, and more. All these focused marketing efforts are overseen by seasoned digital marketing experts who use their years of expertise to dramatically increase the value of the Lighting Bay brand.

The owner of the lighting supplier from Nelson, Lancashire, Mr. A. Ahmed, talked about his experience of working with Pixabiz by saying, “We are now a part of the ever-expanding Pixabiz community with the launch of our e-Commerce store. We are confident that it will solidify the brand further as one of the premier lighting fixture, fittings, and equipment providers in the UK. Working with Ismail was a joy as he made the entire process as easy as communicating our requirements and business goals and letting him do the rest. He was extremely responsive to our inquiries and kept us updated every step of the way. The Pixabiz magic is already working wonders as we have seen an increase in the number of visitors to the site and our sales have also increased tremendously. We are extremely happy with the service and will upgrade to one of the fully featured Pixabiz Pro website packages soon. Thank you, Ismail and the entire team at Pixabiz, for coming in at the right time and giving our brand an invaluable boost.”

Ismail Ougradar responded to Mr. Ahmed’s reaction to his company’s services by saying, “Lighting Bay is now officially part of the Pixabiz Multistore Shopping Mall, the most exciting UK-based online store for everything you need in fashion, health & beauty, home & garden, sports & outdoor, and entertainment & gaming. As a part of this thriving ecosystem of suppliers, Lighting Bay will now enjoy the increased visibility that being on our platform brings. This translates directly to more sales and a smoother customer experience. We are confident that this is going to be a new era of growth for Lighting Bay and Pixabiz is honored to have been a part of the company’s story. If you also run a similar small business in the UK or if you just need an SEO-optimized website for your portfolio, we urge you to contact us today to find out exactly how we can help your endeavor get the online exposure it needs.”

Get Pixabiz is currently accepting further members who also wish to promote their business with their own complete, fully functional, and great-looking small business website.

For more information about Get Pixabiz, contact the company here: Get Pixabiz Ismail Ougradar 07535 346684

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